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The Interpreter: A New Online Publication from IMR

On May 1, the Institute of Modern Russia and the Herzen Foundation launched a new online magazine, The Interpreter. Michael Weiss, The Interpreter’s editor-in-chief, presents his new publication.

IMR on Innovative Approaches to the History of Russia and the Post-Soviet Space
03 April 2012

The return of neo-Stalinism and the conservative, Soviet philosophy of history, which (according to public opinion polls and blogs) can be observed in education and among many Russians, challenges a number of important changes that took place in the Russian mentality during the 1990s. Subverting the dominant paradigm of Russian history proved to be incredibly difficult: this powerful ideological machine and the worldview that comes with it were formed over the course of 150 years—from the writings of Nikolay Karamzin through government schools; from the ‘vaccination’ of Stalinist Marxism to late-Soviet Russocentrism and the perceived necessity of a sovereign ruler.

HIV/AIDS and TB: IMR Against Social Indifference

The Institute of Modern Russia is launching an initiative to raise awareness of the disastrous state of affairs with HIV/AIDS and TB in Russia. The irresponsible and inhumane attitude of the Russian government toward the socially vulnerable group suffering from these infectious diseases is among the greatest horrors of the present situation in the country. In most first-world nations, HIV/AIDS and TB have been taken under state control, ceased to be taboo subjects, and have been destigmatized. This is not the case in Russia or the former Soviet republics, where independent observers report that the incidence of TB and HIV/AIDS have reached epidemic levels. But, despite these grim figures, the authorities have not only ignored this problem, but also actively suppress information surrounding it. People are largely unaware that a significant proportion of Russians are TB carriers. In carriers, when the immune system is compromised, for example, if they have HIV, tuberculosis may progress to an acute form very quickly.