This paper is based on a project of the Institute of Modern Russia (IMR) that explores the ways Russians from diverse backgrounds understand and relate to the concept of patriotism. This study primarily focuses on the “insertion” of patriotism into virtually all areas of Russian social life and its assumption as an “ideological posture shared by all parties.” In Russia today, those “who refuse to present themselves as ‘patriots’ are delegitimized and ushered off the public stage” (Laruelle, 2009). This project has been undertaken at a time when the lines between Russian patriotism and the “negative features of nationalism” are becoming increasingly blurred. Currently, as some studies indicate, among the principal ideas that consolidate different parts of Russian society are xenophobia and a general intolerance to “others.” Within this context, this project seeks to identify and illuminate the many ways in which Russian patriotism may manifest. As part of the project, IMR partnered with the Levada Center, an independent Russian polling center, to conduct a survey on patriotism in Russia.