20 years under Putin: a timeline

On September 22, the Institute of Modern Russia relaunched its corporate website, imrussia.org, and updated its logo. Substantial changes were made to the website layout, structure, and navigation, as well as its mobile version.



The primary reason for the website relaunch is to keep imrussia.org’s design and structure up-to-date, clear, and easy to navigate for our readers. Thus, the main page has been rearranged into blocks, highlighting the variety of published materials and accentuating the divisions between different sections and different genres. 

Separating the Opinions section from the Analysis section was one of the most crucial changes. Special emphasis was placed on IMR’s series of articles on Russia’s political prisoners (our core project), which have been placed into an eponymous block on the main page. A newsfeed from The Interpreter, another popular IMR project, has also been embedded on the website. 

A new section, Research, has been created to present white papers written by IMR’s fellows and other researchers upon the Institute’s request. The Projects section has been updated and expanded to provide a more comprehensive view of IMR’s concrete activities. Some changes have also been made in the People section, which now allows readers to find brief information on IMR’s staff, trustees, and contributors. A separate page has been created for each contributor, featuring his or her articles published at imrussia.org. 

Finally, we have updated our commenting system. Now our readers can leave comments, discuss articles, and follow popular discussions using their social media accounts. IMR’s new website is also designed to be viewed on mobile devices and tablets and as a web app on your phone.