20 years under Putin: a timeline

For over 10 years, the Institute of Modern Russia has been working to raise awareness in the West about critical issues of the Russian politics under Vladimir Putin. Today, amidst the global crisis, we turn to our readers for support.




Understanding Russia Better

In recent years, Russia’s geopolitical ambitions under Vladimir Putin have become one of the key problems for the West, potentially posing a threat to another US presidential election this fall. Yet, the domestic roots of the Kremlin’s international behavior often remain misunderstood, resulting in less than perfect policies. To understand Russia better, the West needs to learn more about the country beyond the reputation of Putin and his regime. After all, who knows more about dealing with the Kremlin’s repressive policies than the Russian people themselves?

This thinking inspired IMR to study the interplay between Putin’s politics and Russian civil society. As part of that project, “Russia under Putin,” we have launched a series of reports dedicated to developing a more nuanced picture of the activities of the Russian people at the grassroots level.

The first report, released in late March, examines the protest dynamics in Russia over the last 20 years. The second report, slated for September, will focus on Russia’s non-governmental organizations and their strategies under authoritarian conditions. And the third report in the series will cover Russia’s media sector and the resilience of independent media outlets. 

We believe that bringing these issues to light is crucial for Western democracies that face authoritarian pressure not just internationally, but increasingly at home as well. 

And we need your help to continue this vital project.

Donations from supporters like you make it possible for us to engage proper research resources and do other essential work. If you feel, as we do, that this work is greatly important, please consider supporting us today with a donation to our cause. As you know, even the smallest donation can make a difference.

We believe that the results of our research will facilitate a better understanding of the Putin regime, open up a new dialogue on Russia’s role in international relations, and help the West develop better policies toward this country.


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Olga Khvostunova