20 years under Putin: a timeline

This documentary by Russian journalist Katerina Gordeyeva tells the story of the 2019 summer protests that took place in Moscow in the run-up to the municipal elections..


July 27, 2019: Police cracks down on the peaceful rally in support of opposition candidates to the Moscow City Council. Photo: Ilya Varlamov (via Wikimedia Commons) 


Russian authorities responded to the peaceful protesters with brutal force. Thousands were detained over the course of several demonstrations, 33 people were arrested, 24 were eventually charged with organizing or participating in mass riots, as well as, in some cases, with assaulting police. While 17 were found guilty, ten people ended up serving prison terns on bogus charges, others received suspended sentences.

The Institute of Modern Russia publishes this documentary with the author's permission.


Cold Summer of 2019: How the riot police cracked down on peaceful protests in Moscow