20 years under Putin: a timeline

A report titled “The Crisis in Ukraine: Its Legal Dimensions” was recently released by Razom, a Ukrainian-American human rights organization. The report outlines a number of crucial issues in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis, including the annexation of Crimea, the Budapest Memorandum on international security guarantees, and the human rights and humanitarian law. It contains legal conclusions on Eastern Ukraine and closes with policy recommendations to resolve the crisis.



The report was commissioned by Razom, a Ukrainian-American human rights organization, and prepared pro bono by a team of international lawyers during their studies at NYU School of Law. The well-documented report covers all critical legal aspects of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Ivanna Bilych, General Counsel for Razom, said, “This is a must-read report for policymakers. It spells out, in one place, the law you need to know to understand the crisis.” Lidiya Dukhovich, Esq., Director of the Institute of Modern Russia, added, “Armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine is a tragedy. The report explains the legal stakes, but no report can explain adequately the terrifying human stakes for both Russia and Ukraine.”

The detailed report, with exhaustive citations, covers the right of secession, crimes of aggression, critical energy security issues, sanctions imposed to date, and military law. The full text of the report can be found here: http://razomforukraine.org/report

With any questions regarding the report, please, contact Natalia Shyrba (Razom):
Email: news@razomforukraine.org
Tel.: +1 (609) 365-7952

Russia under Putin

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