20 years under Putin: a timeline


The West Needs More Russophiles

Mark Galeotti, The Moscow Times 

Russophiles are often misunderstood as Kremlin stooges, but in fact they are interested in everything Russia-related except the Kremlin. Galeotti says Russophiles could help to enhance Russia’s reputation in the West by promoting and praising lesser-known aspects of the country.


The Agency

Adrian Chen, The New York Times Magazine

Journalist Adrian Chen provides an in-depth look at how pro-Kremlin Internet “trolls” operate within Russia and wreck havoc in the West. His investigation offers a unique perspective on the trolls’ efforts to influence public opinion and on the dangers their work poses.


House of Secrets

Ed Caesar, The New Yorker

Witanhurst, London’s largest private house and most expensive mansion, has long been the subject of speculation due to the mystery surrounding the identity of its owner. It turns out the house was bought by a wealthy Russian businessman, and longtime residents of the area are concerned.


The True Targets of Putin’s Travel Ban

Bernard-Henri Lévy, The Wall Street Journal

French intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy was one of 89 Europeans slapped with a travel ban by Russia. While some of those on the list have expressed pride about being included, Lévy views the ban more as a problem for Russians who disagree with Putin’s vision for their country.


This week's roundup was compiled by Seraphima Mixon, Liza Layer and Alexandra Moon.